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① Credibility culture --- We keep our words to our inner heart and social morality with credibility.

② Execution culture --- Do the right thing and put plan into practice without any excuse.

③ Responsibility culture --- Great attention to details. No matter what happens, we need reflect on our own problems first. This is an attitude to grow up better and faster.

④ Customer culture --- Based on customers’requirement to operate and manage our enterprise,   to meet and surpass customers’expectation.

⑤ Crisis Awareness culture --- Maintaining crisis awareness in this competitive environment   where both risk and opportunity exist.

⑥ Development culture --- We care each staff, and let each our staff to develop together   with the enterprise, aiming at the unified goal.

⑦ Result culture --- We use result to prove our value. Staff’s sense of belonging and   customers’ satisfaction are the final results we pursue.

Any source might be exhausted, but only good culture can exist eternally.

Arise staff behave, act and produce products in accordance with our enterprise cultures above, and we keep working hard and never give up......