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Advantage of Pure Gold Wire Encapsulation LEDs

(Au wire/bonding wire materials: Gold, Copper) 

In above image, we can see the LED lamp structure, no matter what type of LED lamp, SMD or DIP, it is basically like that.

The AU wire is a critical component in LED encapsulation processes to provide electrical interconnection between LED chip (brands: Cree, Epistar, Opto, Sanan, Silan .etc) and peripheral leadframe (bracket to hold the LED chip).

This wire is very small and thin, but it plays a big role in the LED lamp. The material of the conduction will affect the current and the life of the LED lamp, good material can make the LED chip brighter and life longer.

Pure gold wire encapsulation LED applies (99.99%) gold, as gold has many advantages as lead wire:

l       It is a good contact metal to conduct heat and electronic. The thermal conductivity of gold is 317 W/mK, close to silver (429W/mK) and copper (401W/mK) however gold lasts much longer as it will not be oxidized easily.

l       Gold is also of perfect ductility so it doesn’t easily break even under high tension;

l       Very importantly, gold is highly reflective of light. Under the same experimental conditions, LED encapsulations with golden bonding wire produce 3.55% more light (lumen) in average than LED encapsulations with copper wire. 

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